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With many years experience in the UK and Overseas Property Market, Estate Agents identified a real need to help buyers find Estate Agents in the UK and Abroad quickly and easily. Clients looking to find an Estate Agent overseas to purchase their dream home are fed up with looking at out of date, complicated UK AND Overseas Property web sites. Estate agents is a no-nonsense easy to use up-to-date site that has been specifically designed to make finding a Property Abroad FAST and SIMPLE!

When buying a property LOCATION is paramount, therefore if you're buying a home in the UK or Overseas Estate Agents will take you to an Estate Agent in the location of your choice with just three clicks. Estate Agents is designed to help buyers find estate agents without any complicated form filling usually associated with estate agents when looking for property abroad/overseas.


French estate agents are referred to as immobiliers whereas Real estate is refered to as l'immobilier. In Italy estate agents are called agenti immobiliari, or immobiliare, Portuguese refer to estate agents as os agentes imobiliários or imobiliário whereas the Spanish estate agents are referred to as agentes inmobiliarios, or bienes inmuebles.

Estate Agents have over 4000 estate agents registered in France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Cyprus and Greece as well as the United Kingdom and the rest of the world therefore if you are looking for an estate agent in Europe:

1) Click Country, i.e. United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey or Rest of the World

2) Click on the region

3) Click Estate Agents. Just three clicks! When you have chosen your location via Estate Agents, be it in the UK or abroad just contact the Estate Agent of choice via e-mail or telephone and they will respond to your enquiry. For further details about estate agents united or property abroad contact Gemma